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China Builds 30-Story Hotel In Just 15 Days! (video)

Broad Group, a Chinese construction company in Hunan Province has built a hotel. At 30 stories tall and 183,000-square feet, the hotel itself is nothing extraordinary. What is extraordinary is the time the company needed to build it.

Just 360 hours, or 15 days!

But Broad Group didn’t sacrifice quality for speed. Their hotel is sturdy, earthquake-safe up to magnitude 9. It’s sustainable architecture design has 4-paned insulated windows and a smart heat conservation system. The company boasts an energy efficiency five times that of conventional hotels. Air filters also make the hotel’s air 20 times the purity of conventional hotels. No small convenience in smog-smothered China. Here’s the amazing time-lapse video.

As you can see, the workers made use of all 360 hours, working around the clock. Not sure why they play the video twice. Maybe it’s so fast you might miss it the first time. The amazing speed, of course, would be impossible were the materials not prefabricated. One curiosity of mine, however, and that of many YouTube viewers is the method by which they got the crane out of the center of the hotel. Maybe it doubles as an elevator.



7 Billion People: Everybody Relax!

Russian scientists to attempt clone of woolly mammoth

Scientists from Russia and Japan are undertaking a Jurassic Park-style experiment in an effort to bring the woolly mammoth out of extinction.

Woolly mammoths

The scientists claim that a thigh bone found in August contains remarkably well-preserved marrow cells, which could form the starting point of the experiment.The team claim that the cloning could be complete within the next five years.But others have cast doubt on whether such a thing is possible.


Mother cow?

The team, from the Siberian mammoth museum and Japan’s Kinki University, said that they planned to extract a nucleus from the animal’s bone marrow and insert it into the egg of an African elephant.

Similar procedures have been done before with mixed results.

In 2009 it was reported that the recently extinct Pyrenean ibex was brought back to life briefly using 10-year-old DNA from the animal’s skin. The cloned ibex died within minutes of being born, due to breathing difficulties.

The Roslin Institute, famous for cloning Dolly the sheep, no longer conducts cloning work but has published some thoughts on the possibilities of bringing extinct species back to life. It said it was extremely unlikely such an experiment would be successful, especially using an elephant surrogate.

"First, a suitable surrogate mother animal is required. For the mammoth this would need to be a cow (as best biological fit) but even here the size difference may preclude gestation to term," it said.

The success rate for such an experiment would be in the range of 1-5%, it said.

The second issue would be the need for viable whole cells.

"If there are intact cells in this tissue they have been ‘stored’ frozen. However, if we think back to what actually happened to the animal – it died, even if from the cold, the cells in the body would have taken some time to freeze. This time lag would allow for breakdown of the cells, which normally happens when any animal dies. Then the carcass would freeze. So it is unlikely that the cells would be viable," it said.

Assuming that viable cells are found it becomes a numbers game, it went on.

"Let’s say that one in a thousand cells were nevertheless viable, practical issues come into play. Given that we have an efficiency of 1% cloning for livestock species and if only one in a thousand cells are viable then around 100,000 cells would need to be transferred," it said.


Charles Foster, a fellow at Green Templeton College, Oxford, seemed more optimistic.

"The idea of mammoth cloning isn’t completely ridiculous.

"How the resultant embryos would fare beyond the stage of a few cells is more or less unknown," he said.

While most of the genetic coding of the embryo would come from the mammoth, some would come from the elephant ovum.

"We really don’t know what the contribution of that cytoplasmic material is, or how it would interact with ‘alien’ DNA," he said.

It would however mean that, even if successful, the clone would be a hybrid rather than a pure mammoth.


Firefighters watch as couple’s home burns to the ground (because they hadn’t paid $75 subscription fee)


A couple stood helplessly by and watched their home and valuables go up in flames because a team of firefighters refused to help – as they had not paid their ‘subscription fees’. image

Vicky Bell and her boyfriend managed to escape from their trailer home but did not have time to grab many personal belongings.

Miss Bell, from Tennessee, said the blaze was terrifying – but almost as shocking was seeing fire trucks sitting in the distance and doing nothing to help.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2070834/Firefighters-watch-couples-home-burn-ground-hadnt-paid-75-subscription-fee.html#ixzz1fsv7kcX6


Lost Civilization Discovered in Sahara Desert

An ancient mudbrick village with a castle-like structure emerges in Libya.

New evidence of a lost civilization in an area of the Sahara in Libya has emerged from images taken by satellites.

Lost Libyan Civilization

Using satellites and air photographs to identify the remains in one of the most inhospitable parts of the desert, a team from the University of Leicester in England has discovered more than 100 fortified farms and villages with castle-like structures and several towns, most dating between AD 1 to 500.

"It is like someone coming to England and suddenly discovering all the medieval castles. These settlements had been unremarked and unrecorded under the Gadhafi regime," said project leader David Mattingly, professor of Roman archaeology at the university. The fall of the regime has opened up Libya to more exploration by archaeologists of its pre-Islamic heritage.

These "lost cities" were built by a little-known ancient civilization called the Garamantes, whose lifestyle and culture was far more advanced and historically significant than ancient sources had suggested. [Related: History’s Most Overlooked Mysteries]

Castle-like complexes

The team from the University of Leicester has identified the mud brick remains of the castle-like complexes, with walls still standing up to 13 feet (4 meters) high, along with traces of dwellings, cairn cemeteries, associated field systems, wells and sophisticated irrigation systems. Follow-up ground surveys earlier this year confirmed the pre-Islamic date and remarkable preservation of the sites.

"Satellite imagery has given us the ability to cover a large region. The evidence suggests that the climate has not changed over the years and we can see that this inhospitable landscape with zero rainfall was once very densely built up and cultivated. These are quite exceptional ancient landscapes, both in terms of the range of features and the quality of preservation," said Martin Sterry, who has been responsible for much of the image analysis and site interpretation.

The findings challenge a view dating back to Roman accounts that the Garamantes consisted of barbaric nomads and troublemakers on the edge of the Roman Empire.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/11/08/lost-civilization-discovered-in-sahara-desert/?test=faces#ixzz1dLIiglTD

Evidence that Oklahoma is having a MAN MADE earthquake swarm

OIL ROAD just north of the epicenter — FRAC well tanks all around (2005 image!!)

Recently, over the past several months, several earthquake swarms have occurred in Colorado/New Mexico border, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

All of these swarms have been VERIFIED oil/fracking fields (FRAC well drilling) … seen simply by looking at satellite images of the areas .. for sure ‘frac’ drilling pads and oil wells within a mile at each of these above mentioned locations.

The past 24 hours, 11/5/2011 and 11/6/2011, over a dozen earthquakes rocked a “Fracking” field in central Oklahoma.  One of the nearby roads to this quake epicenter is OIL road !

Here are the statistics including the coordinates of the quakes:



Watch this video report.