“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Pakistan Corner

As no doubt people would have by now realized that I am a Pakistani and as such I happen to love my country. Unlike those people who look at the problems going on in Pakistan, or other third world countries and blame it on the people or laziness their off, economic problems and corruption to name a few, I and readers of my site are well aware that there is actually a much bigger game at play here. It just so happens that the land or subcontinent of India (current day India,Pakistan,Bangladesh, and some Nepal) is so rich in resources that if these people were to be left alone to their own devices they might and very well have become a super power. Or at the very least people who were not going to be conquered by others due to their wealth or prosperity.

Oldest Civilization since the Great Flood (calamity)

Indus Valley civilization although not as well known as the Egyptian Civilization or the the Greeks etc., is still one of the oldest civilization in the planet. Which can be still be  seen and are still source of disagreement among scientists and archeologists.

History points to the facet that these areas (current day Pakistan and India) were centers of great human achievements and science/technology. Obviously there is a reason why the British called India the crown jewel of their empire.

Excavation of these areas have revealed that Mohenjo-Daro had experienced a nuclear attack of some kind in the prehistoric times. In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s these areas were discovered and since then scientist cant get together on what actually happened here.

This has not only bee eye opening to people of there world and no less for the people of Pakistan, in terms of realizing how ancient humanity really is and how we have been there before, and the only reason we are struggling is due to a coordinated efforts by the elites.


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