“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Comfort Food

Snow Makes Things Perfect

Musician: Asfandyar Khan, who is an ambient musician from Pakistan.


A 3D Display You Can Touch

Are we getting closer to really effective volumetric 3D display technology? A new display, designed in Russia, uses cold fog and a laser projector to create a volumetric 3D image that you can touch. A tracking device (no, it’s not a Kinect) is used to detect the user’s hand and moves the virtual objects in response. There have been cold fog 3D displays before, but this one has a reasonable resolution and looks near to being a finished product that could be on sale soon. Estimated price? Between $4000 and $30,000."

Greek Gods Skit on SNL

Funny skit where Zeus summons the gods to figure out the financial crisis in Greece.

Surfing a Massive 90-Foot Wave to Claim the World Record


The Liberal Law Of Supply And Demand



A Portrait Of No Jobs In America



The Cranberries – Zombie