“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein


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  1. TURKEY KASTAMONU ANDIRAZ encounter unusual


    We came face to face with something very special.
    My goal is for all people, and scientific organizations to announce this event.
    In this situation I do not want to create a sensation or benefit from, or speculation.
    Looking for scientific facts

    Best Regards,
    Celalettin Karagül

    I experienced that day, and the environment, Turkish and in English translation as I would like to write in more detail.

    information on environmental and INDIVIDUAL

    I live in Istanbul,46 years old,computer programmer,university graduate,
    Medipro Software company manager.

    My uncle lives in a village in the remote areas in Kastamonu.
    56 years old, primary school graduates.

    Write next to her on holidays to visit for a week and go to stay alone with nature.
    My interest in UFOs after the incident that occurred in my live.
    UFO no idea if my uncle who live permanently in a non-farming people in that village.
    ANDIRAZ name of the village, the nearest settlement with a population of 4600 there is a small town 55 km away
    up to 300 people can go to the summer population of this village, about 90 real-indigenous population
    The purpose of any vehicle carrying people to come here just to bring income to the village.
    At other times, the vehicle does not pass this way to the village.
    Geographical location of the village 70-80 km long, is painted in the valley at an altitude of 1250 at the foot of the mountains ILGAZ.
    Only in this village illuminates the sky, moon and stars at night.
    Milky Way very clearly visible here.

    Development of the event

    Was in July of 2008,
    On a summer night and the stars right out of the village had gone to walk around at 23:30.

    Drew attention to the direction of a light orange-sized North
    Up to 30 minutes away from the village in a mountainous area, we continued to walk.

    Valleys formed by streams from the top to cut off our path from time to time.
    Our field of vision up to 1-2 meters, coming down in such situations.
    At the time, could not even see the northern lights pee.
    In this way, we passed two river bed and took about 5 minutes
    Then both our view ahead opened and re-entered the north-light body.
    But after that moment, a very interesting chain of events began.
    He has reached the size of the illuminated object at a time months.
    Color and shape as the moon looked a lot.
    Then he rolled down the hill body,
    has returned to the pit, sat down on the following

    Become the largest paintings depicted here as I have reached.
    For a while stopped for 5-6 seconds.
    Much closer to the ground as we landed almost shocked.
    At the same time we could see the top of the mountain.
    Too strong a light ring around on the spot to spread a variety of colors caught my attention.
    Then he rose and moved 300 meters from the northern line.
    (If you would beat up the hill in front elevation)
    Immediately after sliding in the direction of south-east came upon us.
    I saw this time was 4-5 seconds under full upon us.
    Two of these rings have impressed me the red ring and have a depth of
    Do you not remember the exact way out in the rings with oval eyes were green and blue light.
    Here’s something interesting in the body than if it had something running towards me.
    Pull me towards him, I got the feeling even for a moment.
    Hunting rifle hanging on my shoulder with my hand went reflexively created by fear.
    I did not see that moment again and then pee.
    According to the testimony of his uncle was standing in front of me a full body that appear on our north-east went missing over the last hill.

    December 15, 2011 at 1:02 pm

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