“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Russia Insists U.S., Allies Discussing Military Option in Syria

Russia dismissed denials by NATO and three alliance members about plans for military intervention inSyria, saying it has information that a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors are under discussion.image

“Our partners in the West are in fact discussing a no-fly zone,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters in Moscow today. “There are other ideas being realized, including humanitarian convoys, in the hope they could provoke a response from government forces, border guards.”

Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and some Persian Gulf countries are considering a repeat of the campaign in Libya, Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Russian Security Council, said Jan. 12. Turkey, a NATO member, may play a key role and is working with the U.S. on a no-fly zone to protect Syrian rebels, he said. The U.K., France and Turkey, denied the same day that military intervention in Syria was an option.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe in November suggested setting up humanitarian corridors to deliver aid in Syria protected by military forces. Qatar last week said Arab troops should be dispatched to Syria to halt violence after Arab League observers failed to deter a crackdown on protests.

Russia will use its veto-wielding power to prevent theUnited Nations Security Council from approving any attempted military intervention in Syria, Lavrov said.



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