“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Elites Launch Another Dystopian Mindbender


How’s that for cognitive dissonance? After outright media blackout, ridicule, and violent police oppression, this mind-bending "honor" arises. Smell anything fishy here?

AFP – Time magazine named the collective "protester" around the world as its person of the year Wednesday, citing the change brought by street demonstrations from Arab countries to New York.

The shared honor for protesters beat the traditional individual contenders, who included Admiral William McCraven, commander of the US mission to kill Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden.

"There’s this contagion of protest," managing editor Richard Stengel said on NBC television. "These are folks who are changing history already and they will change history in the future." Source

When the PTBs honor demonstrators on one of their flagship publications, and globalist Richard Stengel publicly endorses these "folks changing history", you know you’re being "teed up". You also now know that, yes, they were behind much of this international movement, which has worked very nicely to dismantle one government after another in their march toward World War 3 and world domination. Or so they hope.

Is this a change of strategy?  Why?

Some Reasons
  • If you can’t stop it, steer it. Manipulate the message to meet your needs. In this case, appear to be the "good guy" and proponent of freedom for the underdog. Old saw, but works.
  • Encourage more public dissent. Why? The game’s changed. Thanks to our traitorous government, with the recent draconian developments in not only warrantless detainment but internet intrusion and soon free range censorship, these wicked minions appear to be in a rush to the goal line. And they’d no doubt like to give these news powers a test drive.
  • Timing. For some reason they feel the urgency to put the clamps on hard, and quickly. Is something coming down the pike?
  • Fear. Do they sense a real awakening amidst their manipulating and want to seal the pot before it boils over? You know what that will only do. So, is that their intention?

Read More:http://beforeitsnews.com/story/1522/228/Elites_Launch_Another_Dystopian_Mindbender.html


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