“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Pakistan: Defeating the Conspiracies

“U.S seeks to leave behind a united, capable, stable and independent Afghanistan. Pakistan wants an Afghanistan, which is stable, but dependent on Pakistan. Pakistan has chosen to embrace terror, but should do so without US aid.” Robert Blackwill, the former U.S ambassador to India; ‘The Economic Times’

The former ambassador expressed this viewpoint during an interactive session entitled as, “United States and the Future of Pakistan’ arranged by Aspen Institute India, Kolkatta. It is unclear whether the Ambassador’s remarks are his personal or U.S point of view. Nevertheless, State Department has also did not negate the statement. Rather, more often, issues statements those are even more provocative, besides being against the national interests of Pakistan.

Amb Robert Blackwill, has fame in his anti-Pakistan sentiments. While he was in India, most of the time, he used to provoke the Indian leaderships against Pakistan. Many of his statements during his tenure of US Amb in India used to be so intruding that analysts used to question whether he was a US Amb or an Indian spokesperson. He did not miss any chance to oppose Pakistan on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir with India. During that tenure, he would even oppose the State Department’s viewpoint on Kashmir by declaring it as an integral part of India. It is worth mentioning that all UN resolutions on Kashmir have been backed by US and that, US official position on Kashmir is that; it is disputed territory whose decision has to be made as per the wishes of its people through impartial plebiscite under UN.

While analyzing various aspects of the statement one would wonder about its timings and place of issuance. Pak-US relationship is passing through a very critical stage. Nevertheless, there have been tension in this otherwise seasonal relationship; yet, the recent killings of over two dozen Pakistani soldiers by US forces in Afghanistan have further infuriated the already strained relationship. The attack on Pakistani military posts was no doubt a well planned and deliberate US act. U.S President, Secretary of State, and even Chairman Joint Chief of Staff has regretted it and assured Pakistan for a meaningful inquiry and punishing all those responsible for this act.

Rather repairing the spoiled relationship, Amb Blackwill, tried to further fuel the fire, while sitting at the drawing room of Pakistan’s traditional adversary. Amb Blackwill opines that, United States and Pak Army have “incompatible objectives regarding the war in Afghanistan.” Yes, there is no doubt; there always have been a mismatch between Pakistan and US with reference to their ultimate goals. Pakistan desires a political solution encompassing all Afghan factions and ethnic groups while taking onboard its immediate neighbours, having geographical contiguity with Afghanistan. Pakistan considers that such a solution would give this war-torn country a sustained stability and peace. In fact, Afghans are now sick of these foreign invasions and great games, being played making its geo-politic at the centre stage. No Pakistani is ambitious of making Afghanistan dependent on Pakistan. Rather Pakistan will continue supporting them. Still it is looking after 2.5 million Afghan refuges.

Read More:http://www.opinion-maker.org/2011/12/defeating-the-conspiracies/


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