“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Former US President`s Granddaughter Claim, Alien tech is used to thin population

One important thing we need to remember here, is that Laura Eisenhower, is D. Eisenhower’s granddaughter and she have probably heard a lot of things as she is part of the Eisenhower family, and of course things were discussed inside the family i`m sure of it.

Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower was speaking on the sidelines of a UFO, science and consciousness conference in Johannesburg. She said natural faults in the earth were being manipulated to produce catastrophes like tsunamis and earthquakes using Haarp technology or bio-weapons. According to the website LBN, Haarp technology is a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam used to heat the upper atmosphere and bounce electromagnetic waves back to earth. Eisenhower said this was part of a secret agenda by a number of governments to decrease the earth’s human population in favour of colonies on mars and the moon.

Human population growth

“Extraterrestrials have been working with governments for a while,” she said, adding that treaties with the other-worldly beings were signed every 10 years.

This had remained fairly well hidden through mind-control and manipulation. Contact with extraterrestrials was merely the result of an expanding consciousness that there was life beyond earth, said Eisenhower.

“As consciousness expands, we invoke and become more in contact with our universal family.”

She said she was recruited by an agent in 2006 to take part in a mission to a Mars colony. However, she was able to break free from the mind control techniques. She said people had been teleported to Mars since the 1970s and that the size of the population there was continuing to shift and expand.


President Dwight D. Eisenhower secretly meet with ETs. This detailed research project presents the facts around one of the most enduring “urban legends” of our time and tells the true story of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s ET contact in the early 1950′s. Below is the Laura Magdalene Eisenhower interview. Laura Eisenhower is an activist in the conscious movement. We talk about UFO’s, extraterrestrials, secret governments and programs, 2012, what people can do to awaken and get out of the game that “they” have created, and so much more! Laura is also a clairvoyant and does private sessions by donation. Interviewed by Q.



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  1. Wow, Laura Eisenhower is amazing for this, Thank you for sharing!

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