“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Fight the NWO with Global Non Compliance


Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance , starve the system that is feeding on you on your illusions and on your obedience stop complying ,The NWO system is completely widespread and it’s tentacles stretch to just about every inch of the planet. People will need alternatives, global non-compliance is good in theory but people will need to jump through the beats’ hoops. The Freeman of the Land Society is not a bad place to start. Alternative cmmunities in the hills too (but don’t expect Utopia). One simple rule, I do things for the right reason, i follow my heart and consciousness, I treat others knowing they are other aspects of who I am. If we all treated others as we would be treated "do unto others as you would yourself" the world would change overnight. There is no need to kill shoot riot shout scream or hurt another. We allowed the NWO to exist by being complicit, now we are aware we can take that away from them. The one weapon they have no defence against is LOVE!

The problem is this: We’ve allowed manipulation of our money system ie. The Federal Reserve. The Nexus in turn is now the Theosophist/NWO Fascist Agenda to vanquish all other faiths and forms of government without consideration of mitigating this "all or nothing" anti-human rights position. It is injustice in its’ purest form, therefore, there will be friction and trouble! All- or – nothing has to give sway to a Mitigation and Choice in Freedom. Simply do not pay your taxes, do not pay your parking tickets, do not pay your traffic violations, do not obey, if no one obeys, no one rules. Remember that. Simply act naturally, when you feel bad about something, THAT’S IT, you know what is wrong, be true to yourself, you have the power to not feel bad. If a policeman orders you around, ask him how he is feeling, offer him a hug, talk to him, explain why you are non-obedient…


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