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Child rape coverup: Penn State’s Sandusky Paid $500,000 by Boy’s Charity; “pimped out kids” to rich donors

STATE COLLEGE, PA (HNN) – A former Penn State defensive coach accused of child rape  byimage multiple victims received nearly $500,000 from the at-risk  boys charity that he founded, according to CBS TV 21 reports. The station obtained copies of income tax returns from Second Mile which beginning in 2001 (the earliest year available) paid Jerry Sandusky approximately $50,000 annually as a “consultant.”

Sandusky founded the Second Mile Foundation in 1977. Tax records were not available prior to 2001, according to the Channel 21 investigation.

The initial allegation of sexual abuse of a child came in 1998. Sandusky reportedly admitted to “hugging” a  ten year old boy while showering. The board of  waited ten years before taking its first punitive action  —  barring him from overnight camping trips. He “retired” in 2010

Now, radio reporter has told the New England Sports Network (NESN) that Second Mile  and Sandusky are targets of an investigation that “pimping” of boys were occurring. Madden first broke a story in April 2011 which revealed the alleged Sandusky child rape cover-up.

Read More:http://aftermathnews.wordpress.com/2011/11/16/child-rape-coverup-penn-states-sandusky-paid-500000-by-boy%E2%80%99s-charity-pimped-out-kids-to-rich-donors/


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