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Pakistan Claims CIA Used Dengue Fever as Bioweapon

Pakistan suspects the CIA may be behind an outbreak of Dengue fever in the country. The Pakistan News Servicereports today that the Pakistan Medical Association has called on security agencies to investigate fears of deliberate spread of the deadly disease in the Punjab.


The accusation is not far-fetched. The CIA has a long history of using biological weapons, most notably in Cuba. In Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way, Ellen Ray and Willam H. Schaap document attacks on the communist nation spanning more than 20 years. The operations were exposed in Newsday on January 9, 1977, and later appeared in the Washington Post, Le Monde, the Guardian, and other newspapers.

According to the authors, the CIA prefers Dengue fever. “Dengue and other arboviruses are ideal as biological warfare weapons for a number of reasons. Dengue, especially hemorrhagic dengue, is highly incapacitating; it can be transmitted easily through the introduction of infected mosquitoes; it will spread rapidly, especially in highly populated and damp areas,” they write.



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