“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Don’t Be Suckered Into Obama’s Class Warfare Game Being a Useful Idiot.

In most tyrannical regimes, they use tactic and play dirty to achieve their ends. In their minds the end justifies the means. We are all struggling to keep food on the tables and a roof over our heads. To everyone who is dependent on the government for all they have. The truth is they robbed them of everything to make them complete human being and reduced to a permanent underclass to be used as a political weapon.
Right now President Obama is trying to use class warfare to achieve his goals of being a dictator. Right now we have another looming government shut down. The President wants to raise taxes on the producers of our society and push for a jobs bill which is no more than government boondoggle to pay off his campaign donors. Whatever crisis comes in the future. Do not underestimate him pitting one group against the other to advance an agenda worst than before making things worse.
If the government shuts down and President Obama cuts off the Food Stamps, AFDC, Social Security payments and the unemployment checks. He will tell the underclass dependent on government handouts the tea party is to blame. The elderly will be pitted against the young because she is not getting her social security check. Illegal aliens who use the welfare system would riot in the streets blaming the gringos for not giving them a welfare check. We will hear talking heads saying “It because it is the fault of the Tea Party and the gringos for shutting down the government”. They will be blamed for everything wrong because these people are not getting their government handout. That is one scenario.
We can see President Obama trying to enrage the underclass being the same group telling the people that they are out of work because congress will not pass his jobs bill. He will blame the rich which to him is anyone who has a job and a car. The very people who still buy goods and services. He will pit the working class against the underclass telling them it is because they do not want to pay their fair share. This can be used to stage riots in major cities so the police state can be rolled out when the people cry out for security to stop the chaos. He will say it is the middle class’s fault they are poor.
Before any of you get enraged being mad at the people who still have their lives and fiances intact. These people are not to blame. They are producers who are being held back by government interference and intervention. They cannot hire and invest to create jobs because of government overreach making it impossible to hire people. The Obama White House has created an atmosphere of uncertainty that makes it hard to invest capital to expand business and create jobs. These are the people who still eat in Restaurants and go on vacations. They are the people who keep Americans employed who still have jobs. Please do not direct your anger at them I will tell you who to be angry at right now.
If people who are going to be angry. I will tell you who is responsible for the sad state of out economy. It is offshore Central Bankers and Wall Street. President Obama does the bidding for Wall Street. What wealth you should be in the economy is going to the bankers back pocket. The Central Bankers are responsible for our poverty with the willing accomplices in Washington DC looting the wealth of the nation. If they are told to go after the producers in society. They hurt themselves also because they went after the wrong people.
Tyrants seeking to grab more power use populations to fight against another as a divide and conquer tactic to enslave everyone has been used by Hitler and Communist regimes. I pray we do not fall into that trap. The wealthy that are responsible for our depression is the super rich on Wall Street, the Robbers Barons working in the city of London and the ruling families who sit offshore holding the levers of power manipulating the economies. They are the ones who control the wealth of most of the world. It is not the middle class and people making $200,000 or more. The Robber Barons cause all this and engineered the economic collapse for their gain. These money junkies are profiting off our misery. The upper and middle class are over taxed and punished for being producers more than you think. They pay more than there fair share in taxes. Even if the government confiscated all tier wealth from the middle and upper classes. Ir would not fund all the handouts for a month. It would not fix a thing, just make more poor people.
Do not be fooled by Obama’s class warfare games. He will have the ignorant people believe the middle class and people making over $200,000 a year is the reason why they are not getting the government handouts because these people are not paying their fair share is a lie. The Bankers are responsible, they caused this economic turmoil and uncertainty. Look straight at Obama and his masters who rule in the shadows as the ones to blame. Yes the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bankers in Europe are the ones responsible. Not the class and upper class. We need to unite and blame the bankers and not fall for the class envy rhetoric. Once we are aware of their devices, then we are on the road the victory.



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