“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Birth-control pills can affect women’s memory forever

Ladies, please note – birth control pills affect memory, a new study has warned. Researchers at the University of California have found that women whoimage use contraceptives like birth control pills experience memory changes – in fact, their ability to remember the gist of an emotional event improves, while women not using the contraceptives better retain details.
“What’s most exciting about this study is that it shows use of hormonal contraception alters memory,” researcher Shawn Nielsen said. She stressed that the medications did not damage memory. “It’s a change in the type of information they remember, not a deficit,” she said. In the study, groups of women either on the contraceptive or experiencing natural hormonal cycles were shown photographs of a mother, her son, and a car accident . The audio narrative differed; some in each group were told the car had hit a curb, while others were told the car hit the boy and injured him. One week later, all were given tests about what they recalled. Women using contraceptives remembered more clearly the main steps while women not using them remembered details.




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