“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Govt of India Documentry on Jesus in Kashmir !!

How long will the Muslims believe that Jesus went to heaven and will be returning

In a nutshell, the reality behind the Jesus myth is that Jesus was a revolutionary who, aided by a dynastic marriage with the house of Benjamin, sought the throne of Judea and was crucified by the Romans for high treason against the empire.

But Rome was just as corrupt as Washington DC, and it appears that bribes were paid or favours called in, and Jesus was declared dead and removed from the cross within a day even though crucifixion of a healthy man would normally take as long as a week.

Even the Bible contains clues to the deception. Pontius Pilate expresses surprise that Jesus would die so quickly by an execution method designed to prolong the process of death as long as possible, until his wife tells him to leave well enough alone.

In the original Greek texts of the passion, When Joseph of Aramathea (possible mis-transcription; there was no such place as Aramathea) asked for Jesus body, the body is described as “Soma.” But Soma in greek is an unconscious body. A dead body would be “Ptoma.” And in the New Testament, there is a description given for the ointment used on Christ’s wounds, a blend of aloe and Myrrh, something which would not be needed for a dead person or a pure spirit.

So the real story behind the profit-making myth of Jesus is that Jesus failed in his plan to seize the throne, bought his way out of an execution and split to India where is is buried today. Jesus’s wife, Mary Magdalene, a princess of the house of Benjamin (and not a prostitute) fled to France where she gave birth to Sarah, whose descendants intermarried with the Sicambrian Franks to produce the Merovingian Kings.

In order to preserve the wealth and power of their “Apostolic descent”, the church of Rome hunted down and exterminated the blood descendants of Jesus and erased them from history wherever possible by means of the Holy Inquisition, which was created after the genocide of the Cathars.


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