“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

Overdose : The Next Financial Crisis

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis a Nice and simple documentary for even the clueless to follow.GET A FARM TO GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. GET GOLD AND SILVER.The big hedge fund guys are loading up on Gold right now. The Global Elite banking families create money out of thin air, charge interest on it and drive countries into debt. Debt caused from money WHICH DOES NOT EXIST! Numbers on a computer screen! the two party system has failed. They need each other, you can’t have good without evil. time to pressure the liars for campaign finance reform.In general it was a good documentary but could have used more details and underlining facts like congress voting on the bill without even reading them that caused a lot of the debt problems. Or the cash for clunkers which was really for the metal to pay china with a tangible good vs useless paper money back by nothing.the whole system is corrupt.These people get jobs working for the states or towns and they think they are privy.They take advantage of taxpayer dollars just as much as those that are on welfare that shouldn’t be.Oh and as far as more jobs goes,the DPW usually hires people inside their families first.Like temp / college kids of the rich to mow / care for cemeteries, while they pass up the citizens that really need jobs.


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